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A few words about the development of tourism in Vír and its surroundings
Sometimes we come across the opinion that our activities can disrupt the peaceful life in the village, and that a dramatic development of tourism in Vír is something nobody wants. Honestly, neither do we! It is just peace and a certain degree of isolation that makes Vír such a beautiful and interesting place. Only a fool would want to break this harmony of years. That is why all our activities and projects pursue a single and overall simple intention - to bring just about 20 - 30 visitors into Vír every day. There are times of the year when hundreds of visitors come to our valley without our any extra effort. Vír is really beautiful, which is discovered every year by hundreds and thousands of random tourists, cyclists, climbers and paddlers from all corners of the Czech Republic.

But there are months when the whole village turns into a God-forsaken place, which exactly is a great challenge for us. When we first expressed the idea of building an ice climbing wall in 2006, we found great skepticism about attracting tourists in winter. Despite this, we succeeded. Our focus now is on sports and activities that can be practiced during the often rainy autumn or not quite warm spring.

The year has 365 days. If we manage to attract 20 tourists every day, it is 7,300 people in 12 months. Seven thousand people will make use of accommodation facilities in the surrounding area, restaurants and other services to create new jobs and broaden the opportunities primarily for local citizens. At the same time, you will not even register two dozen more people in Vír who certainly will not flood our village, as we sometimes hear. This is also reflected in the basic settings and future parameters of our projects. The total capacity of the hotel is planned for 28 beds, there are twenty bikes in our sport equipment rental and the same number of people can be dressed in a complete via ferrata equipment.

Uncontrolled mass tourism would definitely hurt Vír. And our projects are based right on the specific and peaceful rural atmosphere of the local region. We can say existentially dependent. So if you really consider us to be just "commercially thinking", only money-oriented and tough entrepreneurs, then you can stay completely calm :-) We are interested in your opinions, reservations, advice or ideas that you can send to the email address: axg @ axg .cz. We look forward to them. Have a nice day. AXG team.
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