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Be stricter on your bank
The Czech Republic is a paradise for banking houses from all over Europe. Leaving aside the dubious privatization cases, in which often very valuable institutions have ended up with highly non-standard and highly disadvantageous conditions for foreign owners, there is still considerable room for improvement. Some banks' behavior towards their clients is pansy. Thanks to citizens' initiatives, we gradually got rid of the most obvious insanity in the form of nonsensical fees, but we remain willing to pay exorbitant amounts for basic banking services while accepting almost zero interest on savings accounts. The blame is not only the greediness of foreign bank owners, but also the unhealthy modesty of domestic clientele, which we meet on a daily basis. Therefore, be stricter at your bank, always want more than you find on the advertising leaflet and do not be afraid to change your bank. You will help both your wallet and the gradual climate change in this industry.
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